Robert Boorman - An amazing climber and guide at Wild Yosemite Adventure Guide ServicesBorn and raised in Montclair, NJ, Bob has had a lifelong love of the outdoors through rock climbing, big wave surfing, and mountain road cycling. Additionally he has been dedicated to diet, nutrition, organics and training excellence, and has helped many other athletes with his knowledge and passion for healthy living.

Bob has spent 38 years getting to know Yosemite National Park, exploring its countless trails and developing a deeper knowledge of its natural beauty. He has made a name for himself in the local community as a passionate and dedicated rock climber, having free-soloed “The Rostrum”, a famously difficult climb in Yosemite Valley, at the age of 47.

Bob’s greatest passion is learning: he’s an avid reader and is currently auditing university and medical school courses to expand his knowledge about the world. Like most lifelong learners, Bob also has a passion for sharing his knowledge with others.