Ryan Kalinowski - Another one of the amazing guides at Wild Yosemite Adventure Guide ServicesRyan’s favorite trail is the one with good company. Well, good company and mountain views. Granite-bottom swimming holes don’t hurt either. But being with fun people really is the best way to see the bright side of life, and Ryan has found the sun during many clouded adventures. He may not be able to navigate a conversation on the latest iPhone, but mention climbing, travelling, or wildlife and you will be sailing with Magellan.

On the wildlife note, Ryan is a full-time wildlife biologist who has been working in the Sierra Nevada since 2009. These days he specializes in owls and hawks, but he has also spent time tracking wolves and has captured several images of the rare Sierra Nevada red fox. Ryan’s research has been published in a number of scientific journals, and his findings have received international attention. Speaking of international, he has spent time in Nepal, Chile, Argentina, Thailand, Costa Rica, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Panama, Canada, Mexico, and Peru.

Hiking and spotting rare wildlife have been central themes to Ryan’s travels, and he has taken those experiences home to the mountains of California. A quote from Ryan: “I love travelling, but I also love returning home because right here is one of the most beautiful places in the entire world. Let’s go for a walk and see if you agree. I think you will!”