Nick St. John. One of the amazing adventure guides at Wild Yosemite Adventure Guide Service.Nick has been exploring the trails and wild spaces of the Sierra Nevada for as long as he’s been able to walk. Born and raised at the foot of these mountains, he has always seen them as a teacher, a playground, and a home. Though he spent many years in San Francisco working as a writer and illustrator, in Honduras as a scuba guide, and all over the world as a tourist and adventurer, he has always been drawn back to this place and it’s incredible natural beauty. Five years ago he officially resettled on his family’s small organic farm just outside of Sonora, California and has been wasting no time in renewing and deepening his connection to the local wilderness. One of his absolute favorite ways to do this is to share its richness and beauty with others. He would be delighted to be your guide into the unique and stunning world of Yosemite National Park and Stanislaus National Forest.